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Identify risks of abuse of power

What are the potential risks?

The concerns of affected people are not taken into consideration in the design of cash-based transfers, and this leads to imbalance of power at different stages of the user journey.

What standard do we want to achive?

When identifying risks of abuse of power in cash assistance, participation, inclusion and consultation are fundamental principles. Humanitarian agencies need to ensure that the views of cash recipients in their diversity are taken into consideration.

Key actions

Identify risks of abuse of power

Sample questions to identify risks of abuse of power during participatory assessments

Identify risks of abuse of power related to cash assistance through participatory assessments.


Protection in cash-based interventions

Monitor protection risks and benefits throughout cash assistance provision.


User Journey to identify risks at each step of the cash assistance process

Adopt the perspective of cash recipients to assess risks of abuse of power. User journeys help you define possible risks at different steps from a customer perspective and guide your reflection on how to mitigate them. Consider different user journeys for older people, people living with disabilities, gender differences and additional vulnerabilities.


Consider Age, Gender and Diversity in cash-based interventions

Take into account differences in age, gender and diversity to ensure all cash recipients successfully access their assistance from financial service providers in safety and dignity.